Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Charity, Level 1: Make a Donation

This challenge was a bit harder for this padawan to accomplish, as I do not have a credit card, and therefore no means of donating online to the Jane Goodall Institute. However! the challenge says "Padawans...may use their initiative to make alternative arrangements to demonstrate their level of charity."

Huzahh! For I keep a charity jar on my nightstand, where each night I empty all of my loose change (Makes my purse and heart lighter). When it is full, I find some way to give it to a charitable organization of some kind. Unfortunately, the Red Cross had just knocked on all of the doors in my building last week, and I had emptied most of this change into their donation fund. The jar wasn't completely empty, as I left some in there and had added more since, so I dumped it out.

There were more quarters than I was expecting! Six US dollars and 78 cents. Not too shabby.

I headed down to the coffee shop. There I found two 'tip' jars (Actually, now that I look at my pictures, there was a third for March of Dimes.). Instead of giving the baristas money, they ask that you give money to one of their causes. One was Pennies for Peace (http://www.penniesforpeace.org/), and the other was a fund to build orphanages in developing nations. I split my money between them. I also got a smoothie while I was there. I needed my energy to work on my force jump!

I hope the masters will accept this as my charity level one. If not, I will try to make other arrangements once my charity jar gets more full again.

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