Monday, October 19, 2009

Build Your Laser Sword

Ah, now this was a challenge I was looking forward to. I've been fencing with steel blades for a long time...swords were much more my style than singing or force manipulation. I first gathered materials. The local shopkeepers were most helpful, if a bit puzzled at my requests. One woman must have entertained padawans before though, for she guessed my craft!

Ready to Begin!

Now that I had my materials, I was ready to begin. I took great care in this step of my journey - I knew that with this blade, I would get more than the bruises and cuts I knew from fencing with foils and sabres (the metal kind).

Every Cheddar Monk knows that the focusing crystal is the heart of the blade.

Although I did not escape entirely without injury (perhaps the Masters remember being a clumsy padawan - not always easy), I did manage a respectable saber. Turning it on was a glorious moment indeed!

For those interested, I used a chrome plated pipe (1 1/4 inch), rubber rings the same diameter as the pipe, electrical tape, a red thumbtack, a drain plug, and a threaded rubber runner. And lots of Gorilla super glue, which peeled off some of my skin. I recommend gloves! (Which I was told once or twice....clearly I need to learn to listen to my elders.) Oh, and garbage ties to fasten it to my belt! Also in that picture you can see scissors, an X-acto knife, and a pocket knife. I like a variety of tools, but you could probably get away with only using one. (Apologies to people who know more about hardware stuff than I do if I named something incorrectly...mostly my experience handy(wo)man wise is building wooden things, like cornhole boards and the shed in my parent's backyard, and then it's like, jigsaw, tablesaw, wood glue, ruler. Not too terribly complicated. Except I laid tile once! And demo'd and rebuilt a wall, that was fun! But seriously, I have no idea what most of the labels in the plumbing section mean. Some things I try to fix myself. Plumbing I leave to the experts.)

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